Movado Eliro Women’s Watch Review 606306

Back in 1930’s, Movado produced the first rectangular mechanical wristwatch in its frenetically high innovation period. Fast forward some eighty years. The newest edition Movado Eliro 606306 debuts. Its rectangular dial echoes the legacy of design innovation, but accelerates Movado to a newer, hitherto unexplored domain of sophisticated design and unparalleled beauty. Eliro talks to.. read more →

Movado 606073 Metio Diamond Accented Women’s Watch

Movado has yet another gorgeous design for women. Perfect for business and days at the office, while also fashionable enough for your evening couture. This bracelet watch is a perfect addition to your timepiece collection. The Movado 606073 Metio Collection Women’s Watch features the easily recognizable look of the Museum Watch, made famous by American.. read more →

606263 Movado Belamoda Women’s Watch Review

The lovely and spirited 606263 Movado Belamoda Women’s Watch is a charming timepiece that will highlight a lady’s wrist with luminous flair. Crafted from gleaming solid stainless steel and accented with sparkling diamonds, this feminine wristwatch will suit almost any occasion as it complements professional work attire or casual weekend jeans. The 606263 Movado Belamoda.. read more →

606297 Movado Master Woman’s Watch: The Latest Movado Design

Movado’s new Master Series is defined as masterfully refined, meticulously engineered and even heroic. You can easily say the same for the rest of Movado’s timepieces, but this collection is truly a beautiful selection, both men and women’s designs. The Master collection is inspired by industrial and architectural expressions of the Bauhaus movement and has.. read more →

2600052: Movado’s Series 800 Sport Women’s Watch Review

Movado watches don’t need much of an introduction. The elegant style of this individual Movado is sure to win you over at first glance. Once you take it past the impeccable craftsmanship, the flawless design and mechanics will have you completely head over heels. The scratch-resistant sapphire crystal will help to ensure this to be.. read more →

Movado Juro Women’s Watch Review 605024

If you are already a fan of Movado watches, Movado Juro can’t escape your discerning eyes. But if you are on the fence and still trying to figure out what Movado as a brand stands for, Juro can be the ultimate guide to help you pass a verdict on the brand. It truly reflects everything.. read more →

605041 Movado Faceto Women’s Watch Review

The minimalist approach to the design of this 605041 Movado Faceto Women’s Watch enhances the exquisite black Museum Dial with Movado’s signature concave dot marking the 12 o’clock hour, intended to symbolize the sun at high-noon. Crafted from solid stainless steel, this elegant wristwatch from the Faceto collection personifies an artful concept for the contemporary.. read more →

606059 Movada Bela Women’s Bangle Watch

This pretty blush of a watch will complement a classy lady’s jewelry collection without overpowering it. The 606059 Movada Bela Women’s Bangle Watch is a dainty timepiece featuring the iconic Museum Dial with the signature 12-o’clock dot and diminutive dagger-style silver hands, all presented against a soft pink backdrop. This slim, elegant little watch personifies.. read more →

Movado Master Women’s Watch Review Model 606298

More than anything else, Movado Master represents the evolution in design of the brand itself that gives it a cutting edge. By defining the next generation elite class of women who are bold, focused and definitive trend-setter with this new innovative concept in watch making, Movado reflects how far it has come with times. A welcome.. read more →

#605855 Movado Bela Womens Watch

Designed with special women around the world in mind, the #605855 Movado Bela Womens Watch watch by Movado does more than just tell time, it sets the style and tone of a woman’s wardrobe. The watch is sleek and slender enough for all occasions, from the office to Friday nights out. The black face contrasts.. read more →