605853 Movado Bela Women’s Watch Review

The 605853 Movado Bela Women’s Watch is another welcome addition in the prestigious legacy of Movado design and innovation in Swiss luxury watches. The Bela is highly regarded for both its stylistic simplicity and its formal elegance; features a 24mm water-resistant high polished case and band of high-polished stainless steel and sleek museum black dial powered.. read more →

604982 Movado Amorosa Women’s Watch Review

The 604982 Movado Amorosa Women’s Watch features a Swiss design reputed for its stylistic quality and reliability which follows an award-winning tradition of over 125 years of Movado innovation—a design which is trim and innovative as it is elegant.  The watch includes an all-stainless steel bracelet band accented with 18 full-cut diamonds and a 24mm.. read more →

606291 Movado SE Extreme Mens Watch Review

The 606291 Movado S.E. Extreme Men’s Watch takes the brand to a whole new level by departing it from the typically thin and light-weight watches Movado is known for. The S.E Extreme is all about making a statement with its “large and in charge” look. The watches have an oversized case that measures 44 mm.. read more →