Movado Eliro 606305 Men’s Watch: No Curves, No Need

A little more sleek than your average watch, the Eliro 606305 men’s watch is Movado’s new bracelet watch. With no dramatic curves, a virtually blank face and the utilitarian style and class of a Movado timepiece, the Eliro carries an aura of smoothness. It is there to tell time and look good and has no.. read more →

Movado Eliro Women’s Watch Review 606306

Back in 1930’s, Movado produced the first rectangular mechanical wristwatch in its frenetically high innovation period. Fast forward some eighty years. The newest edition Movado Eliro 606306 debuts. Its rectangular dial echoes the legacy of design innovation, but accelerates Movado to a newer, hitherto unexplored domain of sophisticated design and unparalleled beauty. Eliro talks to.. read more →

606305 Movado Eliro Men’s Watch Review

The 606305 Movado Eliro Men’s Watch is an authentic Swiss-crafted chronometer watch which is practical and versatile as it is stylish.  The 606305 model Eliro features a solid stainless steel bracelet with a rectangular museum black dial and a single dial marker of cabochon. Description The solid stainless steel ribbed chain bracelet combined with the.. read more →