14 Jul 2011

Movado Amorosa with Diamonds Women’s Watch 0604983 Review

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Written by: Jessica Plumbley

Movado Amorosa with Diamonds Women’s Watch 0604983 front view

A view of the Amorosa with Diamonds.

Movado’s Amorosa with Diamonds 0604983–a women’s luxury watch–is as beautiful as it is unique. This watch will enchant as you wear it from work to a fancy party—just be sure that you have another timekeeper with you if you need to know exactly what time it is.

The 0604983 is marked for $1,095 on Movado’s website, a comparatively cheap price compared to other luxury watches—especially those with diamonds. Movado achieves this by using two different tones of stainless steel in place of gold for the bracelet and case. Since the parts have been polished so well, the effect is almost indistinguishable from gold, though it remains far less expensive. Silver stainless steel wraps around the front of the wrist in two sleek bands, which end by encircling the black face of the dial. Gold stainless steel highlights the rest—the squares suspended above and below the face that contain nine SI diamonds apiece, the crown, the sharp minute and hour hands, and the dot at 12 o’clock that represents the sun at high noon—the only mark on the face other than the small gold letters that read “swiss MOVADO made” around 6 o’clock. The bracelet is 8 inches long with a jewelry type clasp, but can be made to fit 6.5 to 7.5 inch wrists as well, or can have extra links added for larger wrists. The watch will keep typle reliably with its Swiss Quartz movement, which works within the 24 mm diameter case—a size too small for women who want a bolder style, but for others, perfect. The Amorosa’s water resistance rating is 3 ATM, so it’s good for hand-washing and other everyday wear, but don’t take it in the shower.

I love the look of this watch—the clean dial and sleek bracelet makes it a truly beautiful piece of jewelry—but as far as telling the time goes, the 0604983’s lack of markings could be a problem. You can probably tell what hour it is, but the exact minute? Likely not. If you wear the watch to your job and can only have a 3 minute break or if you need the exact time in order to catch the train, you might run into problems with the Amorosa without your cell phone or other timing device to serve as back-up. Another issue is that the model’s stainless steel composition, while inexpensive and as lustrous as gold now, will dull over time and lose its shine. It’s durable, but its beauty won’t last indefinitely.

If you like the look of this elegant watch and don’t care about exact times or longevity, the Movado Amorosa with Diamonds 0604983 would be a great pick. But if these things do matter to you, seek elsewhere for your women’s luxury timepiece.

Amorosa 0604983 Quick Facts:

  • Dial – black Museum® with concave dot
  • SKU – 0604983
  • Case Diameter (mm) – 24
  • Gemstone Type – diamond
  • Gemstone Clarity – SI
  • Total Carat Weight – 0.119
  • Gemstone Number – 18
  • Case Material – two-tone stainless steel
  • Crystal Material – sapphire
  • Water Resistance – 3 ATM
  • Bracelet – two-tone stainless steel with diamonds
  • Movement – Swiss quartz movement
  • Gender – women’s
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