19 Jul 2011

Movado Amorosa 0604984 Ladies Watch Review

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Written by:  Leigh Anne Sanders

Movado Amorosa Model 0604984 Ladies Watch

Movado Amorosa Ladies Watch

Ladies, are you in search of a gorgeous watch that is as sleek and sophisticated as you are, with exquisite style and undeniable class?  In one look, you will surely find that the Movado Amorosa 0604984 Ladies Watch is your ideal match.

The beautiful time piece and accessory is a classically styled ladies watch made of steel and plated in 18 karat gold.  The steel ensures that your watch will be strong enough to grace your wrist for years to come, while the gold creates a soft, sensual glow that will fit you so well.  The yellow gold also emphasizes the matte black face of the watch, providing excellent contrast for reading.  Nine diamonds form a block at the top of the watch, with an additional nine blocked at the bottom.  The diamonds add just the right amount of sparkle to the overall design of the watch to make it pop and set it aside from the hundreds of yellow gold watches that are available today.  Swiss quartz movement provides excellent quality of function.  Finally, a bangle styled bracelet completes the look of this gorgeous lady’s watch.

As with most products, there is not a single ideal watch for every woman in search of a quality time piece, and even this exquisite style will not be right for everyone.  This particular watch has a few features that make it less than ideal for some women.  The bangle bracelet, for instance, does not allow for a close fit.  This means that there will be movement of this watch on your wrist, and you will likely have to jiggle it around to see the time.  Also, there are no numerals on the watch face.  While the stark contrast between the black face of the time piece and the yellow gold of the casing will provide an excellent view of the time, the lack of numerals will allow you only a general idea of what exactly the time is.

With 18 karat gold plating, solid steel within providing strength of durability, a sleek design, a total of 18 diamonds, and a price tag of only $1,200, the Movado Amorosa 0604984 Ladies Watch is absolutely a quality product for your dollar.  This watch is ideal for everyday use, with enough subtlety to blend seamlessly in to any ensemble, plus enough style and sophistication to still be a statement piece.  Essentially, this watch is perfect for the modern professional woman.

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