Movado Watches Buying Tips

Buying Movado A Simple Choice

When looking to buy a Movado watch it’s important to do a little research first. We have written a brief guide that will help you find that perfect watch you’ve been looking for.

Always Buy From a Reputable Dealer

A reputable dealer does not have to be an authorized dealer. In fact, you could save yourself a lot of money from buying from the former. Authorized dealers are limited by Movado on how much they can sell the watch for. One key thing to remember is that these watches will never be sold in a clearance sale.

When Will You Be Wearing Your Watch?

As simple as this may sound, this is a very important question. How often you wear the watch and what you do while wearing it can determine what type of band you use and whether or not an Automatic or Mechanical watch is needed. If your career has you in meetings all day, then out to dinner with clients, you could buy any of Movado’s watches. However, if you are always outside, you should avoid watches that come with a leather band.

One thing that should be a relief is that that Movado watches uses a sapphire crystal on all of their watches. This is the toughest crystal used by watch makers for the ‘window’ into your watch.

Automatic or Quartz Movement?

As mentioned earlier, your activity level indicates your style of watch. Automatic watches do not require batteries as they have the ability to ‘wind’ themselves during every day activity. This is great if you plan on wearing the watch on a regular basis. However, if this is something you are only wearing during special events, you’re better off with quartz as automatic watches normally wind down after a few(10+) hours of not being worn.

Quartz watches are battery operated and do not have the same constraints as the automatic does. They do however, require a battery. The battery in a quartz watch normally needs to be replaced once every one and a half years.


A watch warranty protects you against any malfunctions in the watch movement and generally does not cover any damage to the band, crystal, face or crown. The warranty period will generally last between 1 and 2 years. Most watch sellers prefer you send the watch back to them for any servicing or warranty claims. This normally makes the process hassle free and is generally a good idea. Consider how another dealer might feel if you brought a watch into their store that you purchased from another company.
We hope these tips will help simplify your search and help you find the Movado that’s right for you.

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