Movado History

Achilles Ditsheim

The history of Movado is long and illustrious.  The company dates back to 1881, when Movado was founded, in a small town in Switzerland.  Achilles Ditesheim was the craftsman and founder of this Swiss luxury watch company, which was run from his La Chaux-de-Fonds factory.

Ditesheim was just 19 years old when he began his watchmaking career.  He along with 6 others mad up these early days of Movado.

Driven by an innovative spirit, Ditesheim’s designs soon gained recognition.  By 1900 they had won an award for quality and innovation at a Paris exhibit.  With this momentum building, Ditsheim’s enthusiasm grew, and before long he was gaining worldwide notoriety.

It wasn’t until 1905 that the Movado name formally took shape.  In Ditsheim’s native language of Esperanto, Movado translated means “always in motion”.  The name was born, and to this day many of Movado’s designs are named in this language, such as the Luno and the Juro, among others.

Movado’s focus wasn’t solely on function, the importance of comfort and style were never ignored.  A watch created in 1912 was the outcome of that focal point.  The design, curved to follow the lines of the wrist, had to be fitted with a new and complex movement.  This movement was developed and patented by Movado.

1927 was witness to another Movado first…a revolutionary pocket watch that was designed to self wind whenever it was positioned in and out of its carrying case.

Movado’s watchmaking artistry is legendary and their respect for great artists goes hand in hand with their style.  Once partnering with the great Andy Warhol to create limited edition timepieces, Movado continues this tradition by engaging other artists throughout the years to producing original and unique watch designs.

It’s no wonder that Movado is one of the worlds top luxury watchmakers.  With excellent designs and innovative creations that keep their collections fresh, the Movado legacy grows richer and richer.