Movado Juro 605721 Men’s Watch: All watch

Aside from just a taste of diamond sizzle, the Movado Juro 605721 men’s watch is straight up timepiece with no pretense. A blank face, smooth lines and stylishly classic shaping define this watch, which follows a hard-earned reputation for excellence and innovation that the watch maker has built up since the company’s 1881 inception in.. read more →

Movado Juro Women’s Watch Review 605024

If you are already a fan of Movado watches, Movado Juro can’t escape your discerning eyes. But if you are on the fence and still trying to figure out what Movado as a brand stands for, Juro can be the ultimate guide to help you pass a verdict on the brand. It truly reflects everything.. read more →

605023 Movado Juro Men’s Watch Review

The 605023 Movado Juro Men’s Watch employs an authentic Swiss design which is strongly highlighted by an emphatically robust look while it retains a conservative formal quality in its style.  The 605023 features a 36mm solid stainless steel case and solid stainless steel band, a black museum dial and Swiss Quartz Movement. Description The design.. read more →