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Movado, legendary Swiss watchmaker since 1881, was founded by Archilles Ditsheim.  Creating this iconic style took a visionary outlook and years of hard work.  Movado, which means “always in motion” is the foundation on which the Movado Empire was built.

Movado’s most famed design is that of the Museum watch.  The Museum watch was originally created in 1947.  Nathan George Horwitt’s modernistic style was the influence for this celebrated creation.  The Museum watch features a stark, blank dial, colored in midnight black, and adorned with a single “dot”.  The dot, placed at the 12 o’clock marking, signifies the bright mid-day sun, and has become a defining characteristic of Movado watches.

This creation by Horwitt was hailed revolutionary and the design was specially selected to become the first watch ever to be displayed at the Museum of Modern Art, later receiving its permanent place in the exhibits collections.

Yes, Movado has always had a dedication to excellence.  Determined to produce stylish and functional timepieces, artfully designed jewelry and writing instruments, and never compromising quality, has been Movado’s aspiration.  The Movado of today is just as innovative, head strong, and distinguished as always.

Make it a point to get re-acquainted with Movado, you will be fascinated! When the Movado watch was first designed it was made by hand and even today it still offers the same durability it did when it was first created. The watches today include the same durability and care.  They offer accuracy to keep you  on time and in style.The watches are equipped with  a stainless steal wrist band and  feature a different design to display time.

In the women Movado’s collection,the watches offer a sleek look and made well to fit women. The wrist bands are stainless steel and have a slim band so that it is not overpowering the wrist. It is also light weight. The watches in the women’s collection are unique because they offer a sleek design that many watch manufactures do not offer. The watches are durable and water resistant. They offer a classy look and most of their watches are silver to ensure it will match any outfit.

In the men Movado’s collection, the watches offer excellent quality for an exceptional price. The men’s watches are durable and built to last. Most of their watches in the men’s collection have either a leather or bracelet wrist band. The watches are either black or silver in color to match any outfit.  Also, they have the same classic look when  Movado was first created.  Movado features men watches with a sleek wrist band so that their watches cater to men with different sizes.

A wonderful feature the all Movado watches have is that they are water resistant. With a Movado watch, you will not have to worry about it getting damaged from water.The watches can easily with stand a small splash of water. Their watches maintain its flawless look even with years of wearing because it is scratch resistant. The watches keep time accurate because they use quartz movement. Movado designs excellent quality and stylish watches.

In the United States, Movado has over 25 stores where their watches are sold. They can also be purchased online if a store is not available to you. The Movado’s Museum watch was featured at Museum of Modern Art in New York because of its unique design. It was the first watch dial designed to have the accomplishment of being featured on display.  The Movado watches are known for their brand because they offer sleek designs for men and women. Their unique style makes watch owners around the globe know they are receiving a high quality watch because it’s a Movado.